About Us

Summit South Mortgage is a full service mortgage company specializing in conventional and government mortgage loans secured by residential real estate.

The Company has been structured to offer a wide range of mortgage products and programs, which enables the flexibility to provide a customized variety of financing options to meet a client’s specific goals and objectives.

The primary focus of Summit South Mortgage is to offer prompt, efficient service with the most competitive rate quotes available, providing an optimal level of confidence that the right choice has been made in selecting a mortgage provider.

Whether you are purchasing or refinancing real estate Summit South Mortgage will exceed expectations.

What Our Clients Say…

“Summit South Mortgage is an extremely versatile mortgage company. The company has financed my primary residence, second home, farm, acreage tract and underwrote a commercial loan for a hospital I own. This versatility combined with exceptional service is why I would recommend Summit South Mortgage.”
Dr. Robert Devrnja, ERX Group,